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  • Image alt description is a resource built to assist landlords, tenants, vendors and homebuyers navigate the intricacies of the Canadian housing market. 

As you know, the market changes daily, and regional differences are great – something true of the market in Halifax might not apply at all in Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver, and vice-versa. has created a web presence that consolidates information, listings, and other resources from across the country. The result is a one-stop-shopping experience for our readership that’s rapidly growing in popularity. We tailor the visitor experience geographically, so that the most relevant information is presented.

We’re looking for qualified providers of all kinds of products and services that might appeal to our readership.

We need  qualified providers who are actively engaged in some type of home transition – renting, buying, or selling. Our reputation as a resource for those engaged in home renovations and improvement is flourishing, but we’re open to financial services, real estate agents, legal and survey services, and other businesses that appeal to our visitors.

We’re currently seeking businesses to feature in our online directory.

We believe that allowing a limited number of sponsors to list on our page, we can create results that are beneficial for, our dedicated and growing readership, and our sponsors. We offer a credible affiliation for your business, increased traffic for your website of customers who are engaged in a home transition, so they’re actively seeking products and services.

As our partner, you’ll have public visibility to readers in your area, and a resulting bump in visitors to your site will improve your rankings at Google and other search engines. Partnering with our busy site will help your SEO efforts greatly.

We’re concerned about more than just money – sponsorship packages are quite reasonable, starting at just $99.99 monthly or $975.00 yearly.

Our reader’s experience is paramount, so you know that you’ll be affiliated with reputable, qualified vendors and service providers.To put your business where our readers can easily find it, please fill out the order form below. If you need more information about, or wish to start a conversation with a member of our team, click Contact Us below


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Whether you’re looking to buy a condo or remodel your entire home or you are interested in the latest trends in home fashion, interior design, kitchen appliances or even eco-friendly ideas Homesources is here for all of your needs. Homesources also showcases the best condos, apartments and homes for sale from builders across the country. Our experience offers our readers excellent resources to accomplish all of their dreams for the home and much more…

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