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How to wear this stylish coat trend |

Puffer jacket outfits are easier to put together than you might think. Despite this outerwear style being on the slightly bulkier style, you can make them look stylish and chic with just a few simple proportion balancing techniques, meaning they’ll work with everything from jeans to dresses. 

As with almost all style staples, the puffer coat was originally designed for practical reasons. The concept was dreamt up by American adventurer Eddie Bauer in the 1930s after he came close to freezing during a fishing trip. The original down jacket was designed with insulation in mind and worked (just as they do today) because the gaps between the down form tiny air pockets which trap heat. Fast-forward to 2022 and there are plenty of options for filling on offer, and the type you choose will likely depend on both your budget and whether you wear any animal products. Puffer coats filled with down and feathers tend to be more expensive, while those which use synthetic filling are normally cheaper. 

When it comes to puffer jacket outfits, if you want to invest in one of the best winter coats that’s seriously snug, a puffer or quilted style is a great option. Cozying into one of the best puffer jackets is the next best thing to hauling your duvet off of your bed, making them joy to wear. Of course, they’re stylish too and if you’ve been wondering if they’re still in style, have no fear as they made plenty of appearances for the winter 2022 fashion trends. Diors’ puffer jackets were silky and metallic, Loewe’s were black and cropped, while Elie Saab’s were complete with feather trim on the neck and cuffs. The range of styles on offer both from designer and straight-to-market brands are effortless, from floor-skimming styles to sleeveless gilet versions, so you can easily start putting together puffer jacket outfits you’ll love. 

Puffer jacket outfits: 6 ways to wear this season’s must-have coat 

Putting together puffer jacket outfits is easy when you know how. One of this season’s hottest coat trends, the puffer jacket combines practicality and style for an instantly directional look. Sometimes tricky to wear thanks to its fuller shape, it’s all about balancing out proportions. Take inspiration from the street stylers with six ways to wear… 

1. How to wear puffer jackets with jeans

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits with jeans

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The thing we love most about jeans is how versatile they are. The best jeans go with absolutely everything (and are great as part of puffer jacket outfits) which makes them a wardrobe essential. If you’re wearing a puffer jacket, in all likelihood you’re keeping it for more casual outfits, so keep your jeans mid-blue or lighter, as the paler the wash, the more laid-back your denim will feel. A straight or skinny jean is great with an oversized or longline puffer, but if you’re opting for wide-leg pair or want to learn how to style flared jeans, choose a shorter puffer jacket instead. A cropped puffer will bring the best of both worlds, allowing you to show off the cut of your jeans too. 

A styling tip… Puffers don’t have to be plain. Fuzzy shearling fabric makes for an extra cozy choice. 

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2. How to wear puffer jackets with leggings

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits with leggings

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When it comes to leggings outfits, puffer jackets and leggings slot together like pieces of a puzzle. Both are fashionable, sure, but first and foremost, they’re both practical items of clothing. A puffer jacket will keep you cozy and dry, while the best leggings will ensure top-notch comfort without contending with stiff fabrics or digging-in waistbands. For a more sporty feel, choose workout leggings with plenty of lycra. They could be plain black, navy, or boast a graphic pattern. Faux leather leggings will elevate your look further, adding a luxe texture to the mix. Or, for a middle ground, trusty black cotton leggings make for a failsafe layering piece. 

A styling tip… When it comes to what shoes to wear with leggings and a puffer jacket, the best knee-high boots and leggings work really well together. Choose a platform pair for a look that channels this season’s boot trends

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3. How to wear puffer jackets with a dress

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits with a dress

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When putting together puffer jacket outfits, the unexpected styling combinations are always the best, which is why we love the high-low mix of wearing a dress with a puffer jacket. The best jumper dresses are the obvious choice here in either midi or mini length and is best teamed with chunky sole boots, such as a pair of Chelsea boots. Feminine, floral frocks still have a place too, and the sporty-feel of a puffer will help to make these traditionally more spring-like pieces feel winter-appropriate. Or, you could choose a form-fitting slip dress for layering beneath your puffer for a real contrast of fabrics and cuts. 

A styling tip…

This is one where you really want to think about proportions. For fuller skirted dresses, opt for cropped puffer jacket silhouettes to help ensure your waistline isn’t lost. More streamlined dress shapes can take longer puffer coats, worn open you create a central column that elongates your silhouette.

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4. How to wear puffer jackets for work

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits for work

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In an ideal world, our work outfits would be finished off with one of the best wool coats, but wet and windy weather doesn’t always make that tailored and tactile look the most sensible choice. The key to making your puffer jacket outfits office-appropriate is to coordinate the shade of your puffer jacket with the rest of your look so it feels like a natural extension. Think a mink-hued puffer coat with a beige sweater and biscuit-toned trousers, or a graphic black and purple midi with a black puffer. A puffer without a hood is the smartest option for the office, just don’t forget your umbrella, while a style that ties at the waist will bring structure to your silhouette, helping to nip you in at the waist.

A styling tip… It’s always better to miss the mark on the dress code than turn up to work soggy and bedraggled. 

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5. How to wear puffer jackets for evening

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits for evening

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A puffer jacket might not feel like the obvious layering choice for evening, but it does have the benefit of making your outfit feel more casual as you get from A to B. Not to mention, you’ll be grateful for that extra warmth when you’re waiting for your taxi home. To keep it looking deliberate, (and not as if you just grabbed the first coat you saw on the rack as you left) stick to darker shades of black and khaki. A pale sage green or icy blue could work too if the rest of your outfit is very dark, but ideally, it’ll have a high-shine finish or gold hardware for a premium touch. 

A styling tip… Aim for a coat that’s the same length, or shorter than your dress. If you’re wearing tights, you could go longer.

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6. How to wear puffer jackets for the weekend

street style models wearing puffer jacket outfits for the weekend

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Don’t let a disappointing forecast put a dampener on your weekend puffer jacket outfits. As with a puffer in tow, you can still make the most of getting out and about without compromising on style. A printed or patterned puffer is a brilliant way to liven up even the most laid-back of looks and earns extra style brownie points over a block color. Also, if you can’t have a little fun with fashion at the weekend, then when can you? That being said, a plain puffer is a more savvy, long-term investment and does give you the potential to wear over more shades and pieces. Whether you’re wearing a pretty dress or donning a tracksuit, the puffer has got you covered. 

A styling tip… Keep the rest of your layers light to avoid adding too much bulk. 

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Are puffer jackets still in style for 2022?

A prominent feature on the 2022-2023 runways, we can say with confidence that puffer jacket outfits are here to stay for another season. To ensure your puffer jacket stands the test of time when it comes to trends, we recommend choosing one in as neutral a hue as possible. Black, navy, and khaki are the most timeless and have the added benefit of being dark enough that any marks won’t show as obviously as they would on a lighter shade. They also will easily slot into your closet, pairing with other capsule wardrobe staples for maximum wear. 

Can you dress up a puffer jacket? 

The answer to whether you can dress up a puffer jacket is yes, but there’s also the question of whether you’d want to. The beauty of a puffer jacket is in its practicality. They’re warm, snug, and will endure all weathers – so really wearing a puffer is as much about keeping cozy as it is about looking good. It’s always going to be a more casual alternative to a tailored wool coat or luxe faux fur jacket so if fancy and dressed-up is your aim, you might be better off opting for a different type of coat.

If your heart is set on a puffer jacket outfit, but you want a more elevated take, then look closely at the style you’re investing in first. Not all puffers are created equal, and some boast more high-end details than others. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference, like zips over poppers, deep pockets rather than patch ones, and silver or gold hardware over plastic detailing. You can also look for belted designs or luxe details like a faux fur collar to give added polish. 

Finally, it’s about what you wear under you puffer jacket. As we’ve already established, puffer jackets can be worn over dresses, even for evening or work. Just keep the colors coordinated (black is always the chicest choice) and don’t go too oversized. If a tracksuit isn’t your bag, but you still want to feel relaxed, choose pair of plain black lycra leggings, a high-neck striped jumper, black leather knee-high boots, and a crossbody bag for a polished but relaxed finish. 

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